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As the proverb says, a picture is worth a thousand words. Photos, videos, and videoclips are important marketing tools. Studies show that magazine and newspaper readers first look at the pictures on a page. When someone looks for your organisation online, they’re more likely to click a video link than a text link. If you send a link to a video in an email, the recipient is almost twice as likely to click through. The rise of smartphones means the number of videos being watched on mobile devices is growing rapidly. Social media channels make it easy to share videos. Just a short 30 second video can make an incredible difference to the potential reach of your social media campaign. Video content can tell the most memorable and persuasive stories about your business when put together the right way. In addition, a video improves the search engine ranking.

UFS MarCom organises photo shootings for your internal and external communication and at events. We also offer the production of compelling videos.

Creative Videos for SME

  • Design
  • Script (Storyboard)
  • Music
  • Production
  • Cut
  • Online posting/streaming

To find out more about our photo and video production services, and how they can boost your company’s success, contact us.